Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas cheer, part II

Just to clarify, in case I gave the wrong impression....... my version of moderation doesn't involve stuffing my face every single day with whatever I feel like. Cos that would hardly be moderation, now would it?

I might have one largish macadamia cookie for morning tea, instead of my usual yoghurt and fruit. Or maybe a couple of wines with dinner and those Lindor balls afterwards. :p Or yesterday's lunch of seafood chowder, followed by turkey with a red wine jus, mashed potato and vegies. The rest of my meals are just good wholesome food, same as I'd normally eat. I don't feel deprived, because I'm having the things I enjoy.

Today's treat will be dinner at an Indian restaurant. There will be wine, but it won't be much, because I've nominated myself designated driver. Smart, see?

Christmas day itself shouldn't be a drama. I'll follow the same approach as last year, which is to have whatever I feel like, but NO PIGGING OUT. I mean, come on - who feels good after they've stuffed themselves silly? The uncomfortably tight waistband, the indigestion, the falling asleep after lunch (and some bloody relative always takes a photo of you sleeping with your mouth open and a little string of drool trickling down your chin), not to mention the guilty feelings.....

Nobody enjoys that, so why put yourself through it? I prefer to get up on Boxing Day (or New Year's Day), knowing that I had a good time, but with no regrets.


Anonymous said...

U r 100% right. Moderation is the key and we shouldnt stretch wot is moderate just to feed our tastebuds.

Enjoy ur indian tonight


LizN said...

Yeah, baby couldn't agree more. I thought your moderation post was an awesome one :)


Sara said...

Yes, go the moderation. Of course, I personally quite like stuffing myself stupid and falling asleep with the drool pillow, but for the sake of my abs.. it's moderation all the way baby. I have plans for brandy soaked xmas pudding and wine and .. that's about it. Two chocolates today. TWO *shines halo*

Kek said...

Huh, I seem to be on a two-chocolate limit lately. Not for any virtuous reason, I just have two and feel satisfied. Who'd have thought?

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