Friday, December 21, 2007

Do you feel it?

I recall that when I was a kid, the excitement and joy of Christmas started early in December and just went on and on.....but then, maybe that's just one of those slightly wrong memories that you have as an adult looking back on your childhood.

Over recent years (decades?), it seems to take a lot longer for that old Christmas spirit to hit. I wander through the shops, unaffected by decorations or ridiculous "must buy" gifts on sale. Then one day, I realise that it's snuck up on me and hey, I'm feeling Christmassy! Bike Boy thinks I'm hilarious about Christmas and birthdays, and he likes to ask regularly throughout December: so, are you feeling all Christmassy yet?

It seemed to be completely evading me this year. I finished the Christmas shopping a week ago, all the presents are wrapped, the tree is long since decorated. We even took The Baby for a walk around the neighbourhood a couple of nights ago to check out the lights and decorations, but....nothing. Then this morning I drove over to the office to take care of the admin stuff I forgot to do on Wednesday, and everyone was relaxed and smiling (and leaving early in most cases) and wishing Merry Christmases and Safe New Years all round. Then I walked across to Safeway to pick up a few things, and nobody was frowning or snarling or being cranky. And I found myself humming the Christmas carols they were playing and smiling to myself and then when I walked out with my shopping bags, to be hit by a blast of hot and humid December air, I laughed out loud. Because I realised that today's the day. I'm officially all Christmassed-up. Yay!

It's a little late, sure, but I'll take it.

I may even go write those damn Christmas cards I've avoided up till now. Later though - right now I have a date with Coach Troy.....


Chris H said...

Woo hoo! I was only a couple of days ahead of you on the Chrismassy feeling!

Anonymous said...

I often think about how excited i used to be as a kid about Christmas and often miss it. I have struggled these last few years to feel Christmasy as im not used to it being summer, however i'm pleased to report that so far this year its been a success.

Debstar said...

By the time I've got through all the Xmas shopping and the crap that goes on with my husbands family (Unbelievable crap every year for 30 years. Why oh why!) I never feel all that Chrissmassy. I usually have more joy on Boxing Day.

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