Monday, December 24, 2007

Hip, hip, HOORAY!

Today is The Baby's birthday. He's only just beginning to realise that having your birthday on Christmas Eve pretty much sucks. Like when relatives can't be arsed sending your present so it gets here on time, because hey, they'll be in town on Boxing Day anyway, and they can save the cost of the postage. *sigh* I've done my best over the years to reinforce to ALL our relatives that his birthday is just as important as everyone else's. Seems the message doesn't sink in with some folks....

We got him a guitar. Yeah. That makes..... *counts on fingers* ......SEVEN guitars in the house now. He's too busy playing Star Wars Lego with his brother to have done much with it so far (You should hear the space-guns and explosions noises coming from the next room). I expect a couple of rellos to rock up today with more graft for him, and Bike Boy plans to take him to Macca's for lunch. I'll pass on that one.

He's 12 today. Only one more year till he's a teenager. Yikes!


As for my day, I'm about to head off to the shops (briefly) to return some DVDs, buy a mango and some mascarpone, and then I have a date with Coach Troy again. Tomorrow is a rest day from training, but I'll see if I can persuade anyone to join me for a walk after lunch......


Merry Christmas to all!


Sara said...

**Merry xmas!**
Thanks for pimping my stuff a few posts back! Actually we just ran out of WPC again.... it's popular stuff. I toned down the thickener a bit in the batch you have.

Anyways, mad busy over here. I hope you are laxing out to the max. I declare tomorrow a 'chocolate has no calories' day.
*here, here!*

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your baby

SeLiNa said...

AWWWWWWWWW lil Aaron ain't so little anymore!!!!!!!
You def need to give him a big wet sloppy kiss from me today!!
See how fast he'll run when you say it's from me ;)

Kek said...

OMG, Sara - you mean that chocolate HAS calories on other days????

LizN said...

Hey Kek

Very Merry Christmas to you and family :)


PS - tried emailing you and your server keeps bouncing them back at me :(

Chris H said...

MERRY CHIRSTMAS Kek and all your family from Chris H and family. I would join you for that walk.... but getting to your place might present a wee problem! And Happy Birthday to your 'baby' boy!

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