Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How to rustle up a (reasonably) healthy family dinner in 10 minutes flat

Tonight I got home at 5:45pm, loaded down with: urgent groceries, picked up at lunchtime, stocking-stuffers (also picked up at lunchtime), dry cleaning and various other crap. Bike Boy is (once again) in Adelaide, Number One Son is working, so it's down to me to provide a delicious, nutritious meal that will appeal to starving and slightly feral children.....and FAST.

Luckily my beloved was prepared for just such a situation (or possibly a nuclear disaster, judging by the stuff we have stockpiled) and had left me a packet of beef tortellini in the fridge. Here's what you do:

Put a big pot of water on to boil, turn on your computer. Switch on the air con (has nobody else noticed how stuffy it is in here?), get changed into favourite trackie dacks and Phat Camp t-shirt. Ahhh....that's better.

Water's boiling - open the packet and tip tortellini into the water. Stir, go check email. Check the stove, turn down the heat, set the timer for 5 minutes. Slice a few mushrooms, rummage in the fridge and find a bag of baby spinach and a jar of Leggo's stir-through sauce.

Delete spam, send a quick reply to a friend who wants to organise dinner next week. Ding! Time's up - drain the pasta, spoon into bowls. Stir sauce through, add a sprinkle of parmesan and place bowls in front of ravenous children. Throw mushrooms and spinach* into my bowl, nuke for 1 minute, stir and eat. Yum!

Leave dishes for the kids to clear up and go do some 'work' on the computer.

This may not be the most unprocessed, natural meal I can make, but it's definitely one of the fastest and nutritionally, it's not bad....

*My family think it's odd that I add spinach to one or two meals almost every single day. My theory is, it worked for Popeye! *flexes biceps*


Anonymous said...

hehe gotta love fresh pasta as a quickie for dinner. Definately stops any stress and always hits the spot yummmmm

Im with u on the popeye thing!

Cheryl said...

Sounds Yummy, I eat baby spinach everyday, usally twice a day. I love it!
Cheryl :)

Unknown said...

Nummy! And a million times tastier and better for you than that McDonalds crap.

Chris H said...

Sounds a lot like some meals I throw together mate! Hope the spinach works for ya Popeye's copycat!

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