Thursday, December 06, 2007

I love.....

.....a peach so juicy, you have to eat it over the sink.


Debstar said...

You could have sliced it and eaten it off a plate like a lady.

Kek said...

Bwahahaha!! "Lady".....funny!

Blogger said...

I'm truly inspired by your road to fitness. I used to visit the gym like 4 times a week until I had a bad sprain at my ankle about 8 years. It didn't really recover well and maybe it was an excuse that I became lazy about my workout. I just delivered a baby boy about 2 months back and am very determined to get back into shape.

Debstar said...

I'll just jump in here for you Kek.
Ren - Try swimming or if you don't like swimming just sit on the side of a pool and kick your feet up and down in the water. That gentle water resistance will do wonders for your ankles.
Now Kek can tell you the wonders of the bosu ball for weak ankles.

Kek said...

Thanks Deb.... there's definitely always a way, Ren. Take it slowly, a new baby is really demanding - not to mention the havoc pregnancy wreaks on your body.

For now, aim to build a habit of regular exercise, whatever you can manage. Try to add some core strengthening work, and eat well - no dieting! I always love the theory of adding more good things to your life (vegies, water, moving your butt in some way), rather than banning certain things.

If you'd like any specific advice, feel free to email me!

P.S. Deb's right that water exercise is great!

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