Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just relaxing

Ah, holidays! I'm really loving having TIME to do things..... or do nothing, if that's what I feel like. It's especially great to have plenty of time for training, and not have to jam it in before/between other commitments.

And it's extra-nice to have time for a walk in the evening, instead of being in a mad rush to get everything done because I have to be in bed by a decent hour so I can get up at the crack of dawn to fit my training in.


Bike Boy has kicked off his New Year training early, deciding to give Afterburn a go. He was a bit worried that our equipment wouldn't be heavy enough for him, but after doing the first workout yesterday, he's decided that it's quite adequate, thanks. Yeah, those high-rep supersets are pure evil.


I was dithering over whether to order The New Rules of Lifting for Women, but after reading Skwigg's review, then LizN's post yesterday, I've decided I just have to have it. I can't resist a good fitness book.

If anyone's considering getting it, Amazon works out much cheaper than the Aussie recommended retail price. I ordered an extra book that I've been meaning to buy for ages, and even with Amazon's criminal shipping charges added on, the total works out cheaper than if I'd bought just the one book from a shop here.

We get SO ripped off on books! makes me mad......


KatieP said...

I pre-ordered New Rules of Lifting on Amazon on Boxing Day and it is on it's way. I can't wait - 2008 is the year to make muscles!

Anonymous said...

I love the sound of this new book. Think i will order it when i come back from holidays. Yet another thing for me to impatiently wait for hehe.

BeepBeep said...

Hey there! Happy Holidays!

One thing about those 20 rep sets is that when you eventually go back to 12 rep sets or even less it's like the gym becomes a small piece of paradise.

I find that counting 2 x 10 rather than 1 x 20 can sometimes help. Funny those little psychological things.

Raechelle said...

Hi! saw your comment on LIZ's blog and thought I'd take a peek! Nice blog page!
I always buy from amazon-I'm a bit stuck in my American ways-but you're right-it just works out to a better deal. I've just put that one on my list for my next order too-LIZ should get a commission!

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