Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mmmm....still busy

So, what am I occupying my spare time with? Uh....spare time? What's that? Let's see......

The Middle Child had a mate sleep last night over as a belated birthday celebration. Rohan is kind of, um...energetic. Yeah. And LOUD. And yesterday I took them to the movies, and we were cruising the shopping centre carpark, trying to find a space (at 1:00pm on a SATURDAY) (In DECEMBER!!!) and The Middle Child says: Oops! I left the Hoyts vouchers at home. Aargh! *holds onto temper* *barely* Then....THEN it turns out that Rohan has left his student ID at home and the movie is rated MA and they won't let him in. *breathes deeply*

We find another movie, I leave them at the cinemas and head off on a Christmas shopping oddessy with The Baby. Let's not go into details, but it was not a fun experience. Everyone was cranky, the shops were all understaffed, nobody had anything I wanted, I had to bribe my youngest child with many, many useless purchases to prevent an onset of whinging, and the highlight of my day was the scoop of moccacino ice cream on the way back to the car.

I also had to forage around at the second hand book sale (total waste of time) and wait for my number to be called *yawn* at the school uniform shop.

Today was just as busy, but mainly because I was forced to do the dreaded housework. Things were WAY out of control and it was time.... My family have been informed that they may NOT:

  • Eat food in the house
    Use the toilets
  • Or the bathrooms
  • Put anything anywhere
  • Walk on any floor that has been cleaned. That would be all of them. So, best learn levitation, thanks so much.

Any trangression will be punished by death.


Debstar said...

I reckon things would be much better if they all lived in a tent, peed in the garden and used the hose to shower, then the house would stay the way you wanted it for oh so much longer.

Kek said...

I did suggest something similar, and was greeted with stony silence. I think they may have thought I was kidding.

Kathryn said...

I'd lock them out of the house :D

Anonymous said...

gosh sounds like an eventful weekend. Gotta love shopping with kids at Christmas.

Sara said... Somethings telling me I should know what that word means..
house.. work...
it'll come to me...
house.. work..

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