Friday, December 28, 2007

Patience is.....WHOSE virtue?

Not mine, obviously, because I've only been out to the letterbox seventeen gajillion times to see if my copy of Shauna's book has arrived yet. It hasn't.


Anonymous said...

Im doing exactly the same thing up here in Qld, only im on the look out for the eat clean cookbook by tosca reno. And the post has been today and its friday so i have to be impatient all weekend *sigh*

LizN said...

I have read Shauna's blog periodically - she has such a following that I'm sure any comment I made may get lost - kudos to her for being published. I may just have to buy the book too ;)


Shauna said...

och hurry UP little book! :)

(don't forget to read the last pages!)

Jadey said...

I ordered my book at the same time as you did and I am still waiting on the notification of it's postage :(

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