Thursday, December 06, 2007

Photo tag

I've been tagged by Debstar. The challenge is to post the photo that you have on your desktop.

*ahem* Here's the thing: I got a new laptop (OK, so it was months ago, don't get picky) and I haven't actually got around to adding any wallpaper other than the Windows Vista default. *yawn*

But I DO have several image files located on my desktop, because I'm too lazy to file them properly, so officially, I suppose those are "photos on my desktop", no? Look, that's as good as you're going to get, so just shut up.

So I present.......a photo of my extremly crooked self:

Gasp in amazement at the freak! Marvel at how one leg is shorter than the other! (even though I'm cheating and have my right heel raised slightly) See how the left side is all scrunched up, while the right side is stretched!

This was taken quite a while ago, about 18 months or so, but it's the most recent of the pics I have there. It's also the least 'fat' photo of me, amongst the collection ....but of course that had nothing to do with why I chose it.


Chris H said...

I can't tell you have one leg longer than the other!

Debstar said...

Look harder Chris. Actually you can see it more in the tilt of the hips.
Amazing what our bodies will do to give us grief.

Kek said...

Well spotted Deb - my hips are tilted, twisted and generally in a bad state, but I'm getting them slowly unwound, with Liz's expert help.

Of course, the uneven hips lead to upper back, shoulder and neck dramas, and are the underlying cause of my tennis elbow....


SeLiNa said...

Check out the FREAK!!! ;P lol
YEa I can def see the tilt of your hips.
You don't look that crooked with clothes on tho!! ;)

MTB Girl said...

I'm crooked too Kek, and I think it is one thing that contributes to my migraines and nasty headaches when I push cardio too hard. Maybe I should talk to Liz too....but I also know how busy she is at the moment.

Flea said...

A pic to be proud off, good on ya. And Happy Happy Birthday to youuuuuu.

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