Friday, December 21, 2007


Dinner was GREAT - we had a fun night, the food was delicious, and I stopped before the button on my pants gave way. All good....

Here are my tips for not overdoing it at a restaurant:

- If water isn't provided, ask for it. Lots of it. We went through two large carafes and I drank most of that. It really helps to slow down the alcohol consumption AND the food as well.

- Make sure you get vegies of some kind. There were four of us and we shared a number of dishes, and I insisted on one of them being a salad. Nobody else touched it, which was fine by me, so I ate just about the entire thing. Again, it helps to fill you up and stop you eating too much other stuff.

- Order foods with lots of flavour. That's pretty easy when you're eating Indian. We had lamb in a spinach sauce, beef vindaloo, a chicken and mango curry and another beef dish that was really peppery. Plus some raita, some naan and rice. And some other stuff I can't remember. With all the spices and delicious tastes, you don't need to stuff yourself silly to feel satisfied. I literally had only one bite of some of the dishes, and that was enough.

- Ensure you have good company, so there's lots of conversation and plenty of laughs. That means less concentrating on the food. :)

- Finally, do a little internal check every so often. Ask yourself: have I had enough? Do I feel satisfied? And I don't mean in a Mr Creosote better-bring-me-a-bucket kind of way. Just stop and listen - we all have that little intuitive 'thing' inside us that tells us we've had enough......even if the voice is so quiet that you don't usually hear it over all the chewing and swallowing. It takes practice to do this when you've been used to eating till every scrap of food is gone, but you can learn to do it. I did.

Best of all, I don't have a horrible food hangover this morning - that's such a good feeling!


Chris H said...

I have definitely learnt to listen to my inner me... I can no longer eat the quantities I used to and it constantly surprises me!!! I load up my plate, start eating and BOOM... before I know it I'm full as and I've only eaten 1/4 of what's on the plate! Such a waste of food, but I don't let that worry me nowdays either! Too bad about the starving Africans, nothing I can do about them eh? SHUT UP MUM!

Chris H said...

I mean my Mum, btw!

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