Monday, December 10, 2007

Ready, set, GO!

Shauna has set a scavenger hunt challenge over at her blog The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl. There are even prizes on offer, and there's still time to enter, so hop to it!

The items you need to "collect" - photographically anyway - are:

1. A bicycle
2. A bald man
3. Elvis
4. Greek yogurt
5. A wedding dress
6. The letter D
7. The letter G we go:

This is a bicycle.....well, a bit of one anyway, with me on it.

My very own resident bald man, doing what all good Aussie men do so well - cooking snags on the barbie.

A young Elvis, and he's even on a bicycle (do I get double points for this one?)

Or, if that won't do, then how about the Elvis Love Me Tender bicycle:

I know, I know, that's seriously weird.

Moving right along........

Greek yoghurt, out of my pantry - this one was EASY! Geez, gimme a real challenge next time. (I'm kidding, Elvis was a toughie)

Next, a genuine 1980s frothy lace, exploding-meringue wedding dress - with me in it. Aww, kiss-kiss!

This contest entry was proudly brought to you by the letters D (actually two for the price of one here, smack in the middle of Freddo).....

.......and G (as in good old Aussie Vegemite):

Right. That's me done. Now we wait to see who will win ....... *bites nails in suspense*


Debstar said...

You know when you have too much time on your hands, its when.......

Sara said...

Oh, your entry is cool. And you got your triceps in there too (the bike shot). I hope we both win that book. I just WANT it so bad.

Kek said...

Absolutely - who can stand to wait till Amazon get around to shipping their orders?

Pfft - the triceps are way bigger now! That photo was taken in about April 2005. One would hope that all my efforts in the gym have produced some growth, anyway.

And I thought your Elvis was much cooler....

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