Friday, December 28, 2007

So, what did YOU get for Christmas?

Me, I got lots of lovely things, including this:

I've wanted to try those for ages. I think maybe New Year's Eve might be just the right opportunity.

What else did I get? Books, CDs, a pretty bracelet, a foot spa, some luxurious bath sheets, a bright pink hooded sports top, cash (always welcome) and from Bike Boy, a gift voucher from my favourite local day spa/salon. Now I just have to decide what to spend it on. Deluxe facial? Hot rock massage? Body wrap? Decisions, decisions....

In case you're mystified about what you actually DO with wild hibiscus flowers and can't be bothered clicking on the link to find out, here's a hint:


Magda said...


I got some of those flowers last Christmas and they're still in my pantry. I better try them out soon .... oops I cant, I have another comp to prepare for. Maybe on my birthday (if Liz allows it)



Jadey said...

OMG I went to buy some of these for my birthday and they had sold out everywhere.

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