Thursday, December 13, 2007

What century is this?

This morning I was super-organised - my workout was done, breakfast out of the way and I even had the washing machine going before I left the house to drop the kids at school. From there I headed directly to the shops to finish my Christmas shopping, arriving at 8:10am, before they were even open. Do you know, it's NO trouble finding a park at that time?

I grabbed a coffee, then successfully raced through Big W, Target and Angus & Robertson, but was foiled in my mission at the post office by the 7,000 pensioners queuing out the door. Drat! I decided to skip that particular errand, and forged onwards.

I was planning to head into LiquorLand next, but it seems our archaic liquor licencing laws don't allow bottle shops to open till 10:00am. Tuh! How's a girl supposed to get her drink on at 9:30 after a hard morning's shopping? .....What? .....WHAT? It was very inconvenient!


Edit: I just looked up the liquor licensing laws, and it seems that 9:00am till 11:00pm are the allowed trading hours for bottle shops......I suppose that particular Coles is just S.L.A.C.K.


Flea said...

Whoop hooop, what?? I slept almost until 7:30 today! Interesting fact on the laws, I like learning new stuff.
p.s. I love the below pic of you on the bike, gosh check that body out!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh i never thought about what time the bottle shop opens at, i guess i just assumed it was around 11am like the pubs. Coles are pretty slack!

Anonymous said...

Just saw ur pics on fitbodies. U look amazing. well done

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