Friday, December 07, 2007


I've been hanging out at the letterbox like 17 times a day this week, because Liz posted my latest DVD order on Monday. FINALLY, it arrived today! Geez, I could have walked from Brisbane to Melbourne in less time.... mmm..... OK, maybe not.

So I now have two new workouts to have *gulp* fun with:

Spinervals Ultra Leg Strength Builder

and some more fun and games from Amy Bento, this time with the BOSU:

I also *might* have got something special for Bike Boy's Christmas stocking.....but since he reads this blog to find out what I've been up to (God knows, we rarely see each other), I ain't saying.

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Unknown said...

wow kerryn- you'll got the Christmas holidays catered for haven't you? You've given me some great ideas for Christmas for my husband

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