Monday, December 17, 2007


I found this on the supermarket shelves the other day:

I can't resist chilli chocolate.


Debstar said...

That is my favorite chocolate.
Dark chocolate with a bite. LOVE IT!

Sara said... yeah....

You know, flavinols, chili... it's got to be good for you AND metabolism stimulating.

Clarkie said...

Love chilli, not so big on chocolate :( could become a new food group??

LizN said...

I've been too scared to try this - what if I don't like it ;)


Kek said...

It's delicious - but definitely in small amounts. 100g lasted 2 days, shared between the two of us.

I first discovered the combination when I tried Charmaine's chilli chocolate ice cream. Now THAT'S a weird sensation! :p

Cat said...

I have always wondered wot this would taste like. Will look out for it now, thanx for letting me know it existed :)

Selina said...

EWWW.. i think?
Never even knew that existed..

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