Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back to school - BLAH!

So the kidlets are heading back to school mid next week, which meant that today I had to go collect their new text books. Easy, thinks I. I'll swing past the school after dropping The Middle Child at his mate's house and on the way I'll grab some things I need from the supermarket, call at the bank and the newsagent and I'll be home in no time. Yeah....

We get to the school and the queue is out the door. *sigh* Of course it is. Eventually I find someone free to go find our (already paid for) parcels. Rip open bags, check contents, make sure nothing's missing or damaged - check! All OK. So now I just have to go over to where the sign says "diaries and lockers". Um....they seem to want payment. I already paid. *scratches head* I ask one of the grumpy women manning the tables what's the go when you've already paid. She snappily replies that well then, we'll have everything already so we can go. Uh - no, we DON'T have a diary. Or a combination lock. Then you'll have to go sort it out at the office, she grunts. OH-KAYYYY.

So we detour to the uniform shop first to pick up the stuff we ordered last month that they didn't have in stock. They rummage around and hand over a bag - yep, one pair of pants and two polo shirts, great. On to the office.

I ask the office lady why my son hasn't received anything he was supposed to when we paid our fees on orientation day. Did you hand the payment in here, or give it to a teacher? I look at The Baby who tells me he handed it to his teacher. The office lady rolls her eyes. Oh, never do that, teachers have no idea! Right.

My expected 10 minute stop has turned into 45 minutes, but we're all done now, so we head home. I ask The Baby to try on his uniform, just in case.....and they've given him the wrong pants - these fall straight to his ankles. Gah! Now I have to trek back to the school AGAIN. Because I have nothing better to do, surely?

The Baby asks "Do we HAVE to go today?" and I reply that yes we do, unless he'd like to start school next Wednesday in his underwear.


Raechelle said...

Gee, sounds like so much fun...wish I could have been there but I had to watch the raindrops dry on the leaves...LOL!
Oh well-at least it's only once a year!

Anonymous said...

gotta love the back to school mania. Hope you managed to get the school uniforms sorted out easily.

Flea said...

Had exact same experience. Went there and bought uniform without my daughter, i asked if she fits it on and it's to big if I can only exchange it and the lady said "as long as it hasn't been worn" I thought oh hello, it's school holidays still!! Then the bookshop was open and the letter said open 29-31 January, they tell me I got the wrong letter (!) Still shaking head here!

Chris H said...

All sounds perfectly NORMAL to me.... love the idea of his nibs going to school in his underwear.... perish the thought!

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