Friday, January 11, 2008

Great reasons to have kids #2

Oops, that should read Great reasons NOT to have kids.

Guess what happens when your 12-year-old is bored on a 40+ degree day in the school holidays, and kicks your stability ball forcefully across the room, INTO A SHARP METAL OBJECT?

There was opportunity for much shouting of the NOW do you realise why I tell you that is NOT a toy? I'm not just talking for the pleasure of hearing my own voice, you know!! variety.

*sigh* It's happened. I've turned into my mother.


I've just posted a new recipe on my food blog. If you like Indian food, barbecues or just plenty of flavour, go check out my tandoori chicken. OK, so it's actually Bike Boy's tandoori chicken. Enough of the nit-picking!

I almost promise to test out a yummy prawn recipe over the weekend. If it's as good as I think it's going to be, I'll share......


Cherub said...

My bad 'children + school holiday' day was Thursday. Thankfully they all tried really really hard to be nice to each other yesterday.

Chris H said...

Bloody kids... there in only one plus to the loss of your ball..... it's now BLOG FODDER!!!

Raechelle said...

Total bummer-he must have really walloped it! (is that a word?-LOL)Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

I would've been tempted to kick HIM forcefully across the room into a sharp metal object!

Violent? Me? Nah, just passionate about fitness gear! ;-)

Jadey said...

Aww poor ball.

Prawns mmm yummy.

Flea said...

LOL, too funny! You're gonna remember that ball episode for a long time.

My one PT friend tried to "design" a water and swiss ball program once, he told us he got bored and tried to jump on it into the pool, it popped out underneath him onto the shed's roof and went "pheeeewt".

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