Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Holy melted bitumen, Batman!

It's HOT today. Not that I mind the heat, except that I slept till late, thanks to staying up to see the *yawn* New Year in, so haven't done any training yet. And, God! ....it's already almost 40 degrees (unless you're down by the seaside at Geelong or Frankston, where it's only in the high 20s).

Today's scheduled exercise is a walk..... but I think I'll be leaving that till after the sun goes down. A nice session on the couch with a water bottle and one of my new books might be the go this arvo.

One good thing about this heat is that the washing dries in an hour. Even with the ridiculously small clothesline that we have here, I've been getting through mountains of towels - I might even do the sheets today! Of course, heat like this leaves your towels about as soft and fluffy as an emery board..... but ah well, at least you can exfoliate while you dry.



Chris H said...

And I think it's hot here! I think we got up to the high 20's today, just nice!!!! And I too got a lot of washing dry today!!! Towels like emery boards here too.

MTB Girl said...

Well, I'm in Adelaide Kek, it hasn't been below 36 all week, we've had tops of 43 and lows of 30 - yuk!

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