Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How did I see the New Year in?

With this (which was far more delicious than the photo promises):

And a few of these:

Plus some time on the couch with two of my favourite boys. Yep, it was quiet, unexciting and low-key. Just how I like it. I'm so not into crowds, loud drunken parties or New Year's Eve hoo-ha.

*I haven't disposed of any family members, BTW - The Baby is away for a few days, visiting his Nan and Pop in the country and Number One Son was out somewhere getting rat-arsed.... of course. So it was just me, Bike Boy and The Middle Child.


Chris H said...

I did the same thing on New Years, minus the wine! How boring... Oh and like hell did I have those beans! YIK! lol

Raechelle said...

Sounds like a perfect evening to me! It seems most of the fitness gals had quiet eveninigs-and we were all able to get up the next day and work out-yay!

MTB Girl said...

Happy New Year Kek. We saw in the new year in much the same way :)

Anonymous said...

Your New Year treats look gorgeous. Sounds like the perfect NYE to me.

Jadey said...

Happy New Year babe! Good luck with all your goals

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