Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lost afternoon

I got back from the gym late yesterday morning to find my copy of The Amazing Adventures of DietGirl had finally arrived!! *cue much woohoo-ing and air punching* So, bugger showering and getting out of my sweaty clothes, I headed straight for the couch with my reading glasses and a bottle of water and settled in for an afternoon of total slackness. I actually stayed there for almost 5 hours - apart from one trip to the fridge to find food to quiet my growling stomach, and a couple of loo breaks (damn you, bladder! WHY aren't you bigger?). I was determined to finish the entire book, and I did.

Let me tell you - this is one great read! Shauna's story was already very familiar to me, having been a reader of her Dietgirl blog and her other blog for some years, but the book isn't just a cut-and-paste of her online posts, it contains so much more. I was reduced to tears several times, and chuckled out loud many times too. (I actually snorted and blew a snot bubble out my nose at one point - I'm so glamorous!). It isn't just a Fatty-boom-ba loses a lot of blubber and her life instantly becomes perfect kind of thing though. Shauna discovered along the way a couple of important lessons that so many people fail to grasp:

1) You don't have to wait till you lose weight to start living. Being slim doesn't make you more deserving of a good job, a great social life, or love. And being fat doesn't mean that you're not entitled to those things. If you've always wanted to go back to university or learn to ski or do whatever your dream is, then DO IT NOW. Don't wait for the perfect moment, because it might not ever arrive.
2) When you DO get to your end goal, everything doesn't suddenly become perfect. We're all works in progress - ALL THE TIME. We all have ups and downs with fitness and nutrition. There's never a point where you just find the whole thing a breeze and clock up perfect day after perfect day for ever and ever, amen. We're human and we trip and fall - sometimes we fall long and hard. But as long as we keep on getting up and forging onwards in some fashion, that's OK.

Luckily, Shauna has included many of the best bits from her blogs, including one of my all-time faves, the Great Nutella Incident of 2005.

You have to read this book (yes, because I said so!) - it'll be out here and in New Zealand on the 1st February, but you can get it now from

What are you waiting for?


Edit: I forgot to say that the book is worth buying just for the cute little shrinking Dietgirl animation thingy at the bottom of each page. You know, those cartoon drawing things where you flick through the pages and the little figure moves? With this one, you can watch tubby Shauna turn into slim Shauna. Clever.

.....Or if you flick the pages the opposite way, Shauna can regain all the weight. No-o-o-o-o! Don't do it!!


Chris H said...

I will be getting her book for sure... cos I know she has done so well and I want to emulate her! Trying not to emulate you and your 'snot bubbles' though!

Raechelle said...

Wow marathon reading! Sounds like a great book-I'll be checking it out for sure!

Unknown said...

Eeeeeeee, I can't wait for my copy to arrive :-D

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great book, will definately keep my eye out for it.

Sara said...

I read the whole thing on my holiday and it made me both laugh out loud and cry. KEK, did you notice that you got a CREDIT? You are the coolest of the cool now.

Kek said...

Well, OF COURSE I noticed....I squealed out loud when I saw it.

I swear, I felt almost as excited as if I'd written the book. Well, maybe not quite.


Kek said...

Oh, and I wrote a review for I should have entitled it "I laughed, I cried, I blew snot bubbles".

Then again, maybe that would put people off.

Ronnie said...

The bood would indeed be a good read if either of the blogs are anything to go by. I need to thank you kek for listing dietgirls blog in your list of blogs. It has been a great read so far and I am only up to 2004.

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