Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Maybe I'll stay off the coffee....

I've had two really bad nights in a row, in terms of sleeping. There's been very little of the sweet dreams stuff for me, and apart from making you cranky and tired, sleep deprivation apparently makes you stupid as well.

Today I got to the gym, knowing I had to do a treadmill workout plus my upper body session. I quickly read my instructions for the cardio workout and my eyes nearly popped out of my head:

5 minutes walking to warm up, then:

5 minutes gentle jogging
2 minutes incline walking
3 minutes faster jogging

Repeat cycle 5 times, then cool down. That added up to an ENTIRE HOUR on the treadmill! Once I stop hyperventilating, I think to myself that can't be right .....check again ....nope, it definitely is.

*sigh* OK then, if I must....

So I did an hour of jogging/incline walking/faster jogging intervals. Tired, crabby, sooky Kek was having an argument the whole time with I'm-not-quitting, kiss-my-arse Kek - inside my head, you understand, I don't have blazing rows with myself at the gym. Not usually, anyway. It went kind of like this:

I'm tired. I didn't get enough sleep. I can't do this.
I. Am. Not. Quitting!
OK, it's a 3 minute interval - I'm at 2 and a half minutes, that's near enough. I'll slow down now.
No way, Baby, it's only 30 seconds. Pfft, I can do another 30 seconds of this.
But I'm tiiiiiiiiiired!
I don't quit! This is the second last set of intervals - I can DO this.

In the end, I got through it (cursing Liz rudely, the whole time), did my upper body workout, stretched and staggered out to the car.

Then when I got home, I read over the instructions again. It actually read:

5 minutes walking, then 5 minutes gentle jogging to warm up, then:

2 minutes incline walking
3 minutes faster jogging

Repeat the TWO intervals 5 times, then cool down.

It was 5-minute sets, not 10-minute sets, YOU MORON! All up, including warm up and cool down, it should have been 35 minutes. Doh!

I think I'll go lie down for a while now.


Kathryn said...

I have arguments like that with myself all the time :D

I bet the gentle jogging was the hardest bit to do too. Well the most boring anyways.

Chris H said...

Before I got the end of your post I was thinking "fuck that"! but the PROPER treadmill workout seems much more doable... even for me who's totally unfit at the moment! I take my hat off to you actually doing that huge workout! Go KEK! What an inspiration you are.

Raechelle said...

Well-you ended up getting a fantastic cardio session in though LOL! That's funny-well, probably not to you right now-but it will be...really...trust me-LOL!
Hope you get some sleep tonight...seems many people have had some trouble sleeping-must be that time of year.

Kek said...

Actually, I feel pretty proud of myself. Incredibly stupid, but proud.


LizN said...

Wow, this post brought tears to my eyes :) You are a machine :)


Kimmy said...

I just found your blog by accident :) Don't know if you remember me but I meet you at Phat Camp in Melbourne. I will pop over this year and follow your journey.
All the best for 2008.
Live with Passion

Unknown said...

ROFL! Kek, you are a legend :-D

Friday said...

LMAO... brilliant, just brilliant.



Jadey said...

That's funny (of course only because it wasn't me) Poor thing. But you would have had a great workout though.

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