Saturday, January 19, 2008

More fun than shoe shopping

I cracked it this week with our inadequate home weights setup. So today I dragged Bike Boy out to investigate some shiny new equipment. I'm looking at one of these:

It's commercially rated, has a lifetime guarantee and we can get a great deal on a package including a really solid bench, a couple of handles, detachable dip bars, and some rubber flooring. I've also found some rubber coated ezi grip plates online at a bargain price.

No more driving to the gym.....bliss!


Unknown said...

Very nice!

Em said...

Hi Kek :)
Thankyou so much for your comments on my blog :)
It's so nice to have someone else to annoye in blog land hehe
I like the look of the gym equipment, i seriously have to update mine, i work with very limited weights at home but i hope that the birthday fairy will be kind to me and get me some nice shiny home gym set :)
Good luck with dragging the boy with you anthing like mine he will just be looking with glazed expression on his face LOL
I am loving reading your blog :)
Have a great week :)

Kek said...

Good luck with dragging the boy with you anthing like mine he will just be looking with glazed expression on his face

Ha! Lucky for me, MY boy is pretty fitness-obsessed. He's happy to poke around in gym equipment and sports stores and especially bike shops.

I'm sure he was picturing himself doing manly chin-ups and benching mega-weights. :o)

Anonymous said...

Very very nice and so exciting. Its definately great having access to such wonderful equipment at home.

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.


Pip said...

Wow, looks like a great machine Kek!

Chris H said...

I'm looking at buying a BowFlex Home Gym... know anything about them?

Chris H said...

Thanks for the info Kek, much appreciated. I use free weights at home now, but was thinking of a machine for more leg and arm/chest weight bearing exercises... but maybe you are right and it is better to just stick with the free weights. We used to have a home gym a while ago but the cables kept wearing out and snapping! We did use it most days. I will have to do some more 'homework' on them and their benefits I think.

Flea said...

Looks like a nice little package, can see many exercises you can do with it.

emharvie said...

Very nice!... but nothing is more fun that shoe shopping :)

Kathryn said...

Oooh-ah! I want big shiny heavy things now :D

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