Thursday, January 03, 2008

Shoes + chocolate = heaven

I picked up the Woollies food magazine Good Taste yesterday and while lazing on the couch flicking through it (ahhh - holidays!), I came across the most perfect, perfect thing - chocolate shoes! The pic in the magazine showed the cutest spotted stilletto, apparently retailing for $19.99 at Big W.

Then last night we were in town to see Spamalot, and had time to kill between dinner and the show, so where did we go? Uh - Big W, of course. Yes, we really know how to have a good time. There was no sign of spotty shoes, but I did discover these for $4.95:

Then I did some searching around online, and found these at Gayle's Chocolates. They're even MORE cute. And a lot more exxy:

At least they wouldn't take up space in your wardrobe for long....


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh im in heaven, shoes and chocolate combined, bliss!!! hehe

Chris H said...

WHAT will they think of next !

Debstar said...

Spamalot!! You lucky girl. As for the shoes, yes please I'll have the spotty ones.

sparklingmerlot said...

Not much room in the wardrobe, maybe, but I shudder to think how much room on the hips!!!! Still, two guilty indulgences in one ... tempting!!

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