Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Strange goings on at the gym

When I'm training, I take absolutely no notice of anything around me. I may as well be completely alone, because I'm so focused on what I'm doing and getting... *ugh* through... *grunt* that*grimace* DAMN REP... that I probably wouldn't notice if a busload of naked male models walked into the place. Well, maybe THAT might get my attention.

Anyway, in between sets, while gasping for breath, chugging down some water and psyching myself up for whatever's next, I tend to idly look around - and some of the sights I see are pretty horrifying. I've mentioned before the chicken-flapping exercise, performed with weeny 1-2kg dumbbells, elbows a-flappin'. I'm still trying to figure out exactly which muscles that's supposed to be training. Then there's the good old broomstick twist. A lot of that goes on at my gym. Seriously? Do these women honestly believe that's going to give them a smaller waist?

But today I saw not one, but TWO women performing seated cable rows with the most frightening technique I've ever witnessed. First you sit with legs straight out in front of you, knees locked. Grip the handles and straighten your arms, being sure to lock your elbows. Then you start the movement by leaning forward at the waist to an angle of about 45 degrees. Using your hips and spine, pull your upper body back until you're tilted the other way, leaning back at ...oh, about 30 degrees should do it. For extra points, go ALL the way back, till you're almost lying down.

Back, forwards, back, forwards (made me positively dizzy!), no arm movement at all, just abs and hip flexors and lower back doing all the work. I thought that seated rows were to work the upper back. Obviously I had it all wrong. It's actually a weighted sit-up machine.


Raechelle said...

LOL! You gotta feel sorry for people that don't have a clue...besides the fact they are gong to seriously hurt themselves!

Kyra said...

That makes my back hurt just reading it... ugh.

Sara said...

OMG that is just a terrible lower back problem in the making! Shame on the gym instructors for not saying anything. Sometimes they really should interfere.

Kathryn said...

Weird stuff! I'm pretty much the same at the gym, in my own world (where I'm a total champ!).

VegasGirl said...

eek! That kind of makes me think of me. Unless the machine is very self-explanatory, I tend to try to avoid it or wait for a trainer to come by and show me what I'm supposed to do. Poor ladies --hope they don't hurt themselves

Anonymous said...

Yup i hear ya, some really weird things going on in the gym, especially in Jan. Gotta feel sorry for those girls lower back.

Unknown said...

Guh! My back feels sore reading about those completely clueless women. Blow me. *shakes head*

emharvie said...

LOL! Do you also get the girls who do bicep curls with one hand while talking on the PHONE with the other! Or the ones who walk on the treadmill and read a book. There is always something either terribly wrong or a total waste of time going on.

Em said...

Don't you just hate that!
There is so many wonderful sites like out there to stop people like that making mistakes in the gym that could lead to injury, not to mention the PT's that are on the floor to answer any questions you may have!
Hope your having a great day hun :)

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