Saturday, January 12, 2008


I used to buy a jam that had no added sugar - I'm pretty sure it was made by IXL, but it seems to have disappeared off the supermarket shelves. I don't often eat jam, but every now and then I want a teaspoon of something sweet and fruity to add to some concoction I'm making, and I prefer to use one that isn't predominantly SUGAR.

So today I scoured the shelves at Coles and found squillions of jams and conserves by the big manufacturers of every flavour imaginable, all listing sugar as the first or second ingredient. Most also contained ingredients that don't even have names, only numbers. Eeuw. I DID find some Cottee's diet jam, (I remember my diabetic Grandma always had a jar of the raspberry in her cupboard) but that contains some unspecified artificial sweetener.

Eventually I located a jar of St Dalfour's red raspberry spread. The ingredients? Raspberries (55%), unsweetened grape juice concentrate and fruit pectin. Now, I'm not stupid - I know that fruit (and grape juice) contains sugar. And there's likely little difference between this and 'normal' jam in terms of calories. But at least I'm eating fructose, not refined sucrose from sugar cane.

So what happened to the IXL one? I'm guessing it wasn't popular and didn't sell a lot, so Coles refused to stock it any more. Maybe it's not even being made now? It's a pity though - St Dalfour's is a French company and the jam is a product of France. Something local would have been nice.


After the ball incident yesterday, my little darlings have been amusing themselves quietly. They're both into music at the moment....well, THEY call it music....but it's good to see that they haven't quite outgrown Lego:

Voila! One rock band, complete with mike, guitars, drum set (with cymbals!) and an audience.

Aren't they clever?


Jadey said...

The diety jams taste absolutely horrendous. There was one in a hex shaped jar that was really nie and had no added sugar but it disappeared off shelves too and I recently found it still exists. I found it at Macro.

Kathryn said...

Weight Watchers used to do a great one years ago (like back when I was a teenager), with big chunky fruit pieces that was great mixed into plain yoghurt but that's been off the market for many years. I hate that.

It's so annoying how manufacturers make stuff either with heaps of sugar or heaps of artifical sweetener. How about something that is just less sweet?

Unknown said...

Eeeeeeeee I love St Dalfour's Jam! But I agree, it's a shame that there isn't something local produced - Heck, why doesn't someone seize on this business opportunity, they have a market sitting here waiting to buy the products!

And that lego rock concert is too cool!

Sue said...

All of the St Dalfour's varities are nice too Kerryn, i have brought them when looking for the best possible jam in relation to calories and sugar content. Emjoy

Cheryl said...

I buy that jam too, very yummy. Mind you I havent had any in a long time.

Shauna said...

oooh i will have to look out for that brand. sometimes you just need a wee dollop of something sweet! i wonder how hard it would be to make jam yourself without sugar? i buy a similar sort of thing but it's like £2.50 for a puny jar...

that lego is clearly a work of genius. hehe.

Raechelle said...

That's the only jam I use if/when I use jam. It is nice because it doesn't have that over-sweetness that regular jams have.

Sara said...

I love St Dalfours too. I put it on my pruffins sometimes.\
SURE,it's made in France, but it's made by monks in a monastery or something. Probably a modern monastery with a big, shiny jam factory.

Sara said...

Kerryn, I love those jams! We have them here in the states. I keep them on hand, but use them SPARINGLY. I think it is best to use the natural sugars than artificial. Anyway, I am enjoying your blog!!!

Have a great weekend.

Kek said...

How funny that two different (but equally gorgeous) Saras, on different sides of the globe, should post comments at perzacly the same time!

Nice to see you in blogland Sara M!

I don't mind the France thing so much, it's just that we have masses of commercially grown berries, stone fruit, citrus, pome fruit, you name it, right here in Victoria!

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