Monday, January 07, 2008

Yay for 2008!

My more-fit-and-less-fat efforts continue, with my Monday morning weigh-in showing a motivating 1.1kg scale loss this week. Nothing like dumping a heap of fluid, gained from eating more desserts, more starch and more alcohol than usual. :) Holiday maintenance is officially OVER - now it's down to the business of getting on with whittling away a bit more fat.

It feels good to be back to 'normal' with food after the Christmas/New Year craziness. I'm still having regular small treats, a little chocolate here, a glass of wine there, but I'm loving my salads and fruit, lots of barbecues, and I'm back on my ricotta kick. Yum! I'm working on coming up with some new recipes....did a salmon one the other night that needs a little work, but when I get it ju-u-ust right I'll share it.

I'm pleased with my training progress - I'm noticing that I'm getting faster and stronger on the bike, so woohoo for me! I can also run again for more than a minute or two at a time without feeling like my chest will explode. I suspect I could crank out a (very slow) 5kms if I wanted to - and I do plan to do a fun run or two this year, so that's a good thing. Today I'm riding part of the Lake Placid triathlon route, and I'm actually looking forward to it. Huh, that's progress too - I used to dread cardio sessions.


Things are gradually returning to normal on the home front too - Bike Boy went back to work today (not all that willingly - he'd much rather stay home and play with us) and The Baby will be home from his holiday in the country tomorrow. I'm not sure he's all that keen to come home actually, it's been all waterslides and creek-swimming and playing with his cousins and over-indulgent grandparents for the last 10 days. I spoke to him last night and told him I missed him. His reply was a bit dismissive, so I asked if he was looking forward to coming home. His answer? Yeah, spose. Are there any of those Christmas lollies left?


I'm officially back to work this week myself; got some new one on one clients to see and the existing ones will be resuming training over the next couple of weeks too. I also have a steady influx of online training enquiries, which will increase over the next few weeks, so looks like I'm going to be busy.

At the moment, I still have a couple of vacant spots for onliners, so if anyone's been considering doing an online training program, drop me a line via my FitBodies site.


Just quickly - nice to see that Marie Claire shares my opinion of Miss Shauna's book. The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl ranks #1 in their list of 10 best diet books. Go, Dietgirl!

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