Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The size 10 black pants I've been wearing to work have been getting looser and looser over recent weeks, but yesterday I realised they were ridiculously loose on me. I mean, clown-pants baggy kind of loose. Not quite the sophisticated professional look I was aiming for.

So last night I went hunting through the wardrobe for something else to wear. Smaller size 10 chocolate pants? Nope, I don't have any suitable shoes to wear with those and it's not quite boots weather yet. Black belted skirt? Hmm, haven't shaved my legs for a few days. Nope, too much trouble. What else? Nope, nope, nope. Too peasanty, too casual, too wintry, a bit tatty, needs a button (where did I put that button?).

Then, up the back of the wardrobe, I spotted my size 8 black pants, the ones I last wore when I was super-thin.

On impulse, I decided to try them on, to see how far I had to go to fit into them. Step in, slide 'em up over the thighs, button, zip. *blink*

OMG. They FIT! Cue happy dance.

The thing is, I'm still several kilos heavier than when I last wore these pants. Which tells me that all the time spent busting my arse in the gym over the past 2 years has not been in vain.



Anonymous said...

Well done that is fantastic

SeLiNa said...

YEEEEEEEEHA, go you sexy mamma!!
The MC Hammer pants look is definitely NOT cool ;)

Kathryn said...

You have to shave your legs to wear a skirt? Isn't that why they invented lacy stockings?

Woohoo on the pants :D

Kek said...

LOL Kathryn - yes, but I don't OWN any stockings, lacy or otherwise. I live in track pants half the time and business-type pants the rest.

Either that, or shorts and thongs. Don't think lacy stockings go with shorts and thongs, do they?

Debstar said...

Good for you Kek. I've done that happy dance and I know how good it feels. I'm dead jealous I couldn't join in with you.

emharvie said...

Yay! That must be the most amazing feeling. Well done!

Raechelle said...

Good job! How great does that feel?!

Cinders said...

You've got to love that feeling - well done :) I've been wearing my boots nearly all week. I'm a sooky coldie.

Chris H said...

:o} for you!

Em said...

Good on you hun :)
That must be such a wonderful feeling :)
Have a greatt week hun :)

Sam W said...

Just on your "seeking revenge" request. Sugar in the fuel tank always helps! Also try a retic system that goes on at 11pm to say 4am, that just happens to shower their backyard (where they normally sit!) or just the plain old security light set on ultra sensitive. That should piss them off and move them to the other side of the house! Have fun!

sauchagirl said...

Well, now, that must be an amazing feeling! Hard work pays off. Great news!

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