Friday, February 22, 2008

Assorted crap

I posted already today, but Blogger did something stupid and lost the lot. BOO! I shall try to remember what it was I had to say.....I'm sure it was of earth-shattering importance. Or maybe it was complete shite. Whatever.


Today I had the choice between folding a HUGE mountain of clean washing.....OR....going to the gym.

Betcha can't guess which choice won the toss.


Bike Boy arrived home yesterday (after I'd had my looxury facial) and said:

Wow. You look 10 years younger.......which would make you 14, right?

That man knows how to schmooze.


True story: Today at the gym, just as I was contemplating skipping my last set of lat pulldowns (I was TIRED today, OK?), my MP3 player moved onto the next song, which was.....Justin Timberlake's Sexyback.

Did I quit? Hell no! I added 10 pounds and powered through those suckers!


The start date for our house is set - next Monday. We discovered last night that we now have a water meter installed on our block. I never thought you could get excited about a water meter....but apparently you can.


Word of the day: Floordrobe. Anyone who has teenagers won't need an explanation of this one.

Hint for everyone else: it's where teenagers keep their clothes, clean, dirty or somewhere in between.


Anonymous said...

Well done on the lat pulldowns, you go girl!

Have an awesome weekend

Magda said...

My 5 year old's bedroom is a floordrobe. Its not limited to teenagers only.

I also love sexy back by JT. If I'm out running and it comes on the IPOd, I'll hit repeat 2 or 3 times. One cant ever have too much JT :-)


Kyra said...

Ugh laundry. I have a mountain as tall as I am to fold too. And Yay for the water meter! ;)

Em said...

What do you mean teenagers! my hubby has a floordrobe LOL and he hass even trained his 5 year old daughter to as well!
That is so not happening on my watch LOL

I so miss the lat pull down it is an awesome workout for that sexy back that all us girls want :)

Hope you have a lovely weekend hun :)

Debstar said...

Floordrobe. LOL
Love it.

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