Sunday, February 10, 2008

Can you say C-R-A-N-K-Y?

I had great plans for today - I'd get up at 7:00am, have a quick brekky, then head off to the gym. I'd be home, showered and eating second breakfast by 10:00, with washing happening, dishes done and the rest of the day ahead of me to do....well, whatever I wanted.

Enter the noisy neighbours. Next door is a rented property, and new tenants moved in just after Christmas - a group of young girls. Uh-oh. Every weekend, they seem to have a houseful of boys, with cars parked up and down the street (and on thir front lawn).....which bothers me not. EXCEPT that they all seem to be smokers, so they spend hours sitting outside, talking and laughing very loudly. About a metre from our fence, and perhaps two metres from the bedroom windows. Until the wee hours.

Last night they were making a racket, which quietened down to a dull drone long enough for me to get to sleep around 11:30 or so. THEN about 1:20, I was woken up by the noise. Ten minutes later, Bike Boy was awake too (God, it MUST have been loud! I swear he could sleep through a cyclone). After fuming for about half an hour, I eventually retreated to the couch in the family room, which is on the other side of the house. I may have got back to sleep around 3:00.

Needless to say, I was NOT up at 7:00. In fact, it was almost 11:00 before I arose. I got to the gym at 12:30, wasn't home till almost 2:00 and my whole day is now wasted. Bastards!

I'm plotting my revenge. Any suggestions?


By the way, my workout was sensational. Disrupted sleep can't keep this girl down!


Anonymous said...

Do you know who the real estate agent is that leases the property?

Call them and whinge. Ring the council and maybe the police, I am not sure who it is with, but you can file a noise complaint if it is constant Kek.

I have renters next door to my Porter Davis McPalace.

Devastating after all you put into building your dream house to wind up with idiots making your life hard.

I did RPM and then Pump this morning - I'm going OFF!!!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Heh...lawnmowing at 6am?

I have a small baby so if I let disrupted sleep stop me from going to the gym I'd never go!

Kathryn said...

Ring the cops. Ring them early in the night, as soon as the noise starts, and tell them it happens all the time. Worked with my noisy neighbours.

I reckon that's the best way to deal with it cos you don't want them trying to retaliate.

Oh and if you know who the agent is, trying ringing them as well.

Chris H said...

Ditto what Kathryn said! Have you tried to talk to them about their noise? Maybe that would be a start? It gives them a chance to quieten down, forwarned and all that, instead of the cops just turning up. You still have to live next to them for a while yet, so it would be nice if they were not put on the defense and turn into 'nasty' neighbours.

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