Sunday, February 17, 2008


I was lying in bed, half awake this morning when I registered a smell that started to niggle at me as just wrong. It took a couple of minutes until the brain fog cleared and I realised what it was - smoke. And not cigarette smoke, not burnt toast smoke, but bushfire smoke. You know, the aroma of gum leaves and dry grass burning. Uh-oh.

We now live about 500m north of a State park and maybe 1km west of a big bushland conservation area. And just to the north of us, in spite of the property developers' best efforts, there are still hectares and hectares of farmland - sheep, some horses, the odd herd of goats, but mostly pretty big herds of beef cattle. So the smell of smoke rings alarm bells, big time.

I flung open the front door to be greeted by a thick haze of smoke and a nasty strong wind blowing from the north. No sign of any glow in the distance, though. Having lived in Melbourne all my life, I know that our geography (big flattish area, ringed by hills) and weather patterns create an effect where smoke, smog etc can collect and hang around for days or even weeks - and may not even originate from around here. So I logged onto the CFA's website to discover that the smoke is coming from Mathoura NSW, which Google Maps tells me is north of the Murray, not far from Echuca.

Looks like a bad couple of days ahead for air quality - better break out the asthma meds. Ack! My throat is starting to burn already.


Kathryn said...

I hadn't even noticed it. Damn scary things, those bushfires.

Kek said...

You must be far enough south that it hasn't reached you. The wind here is apparently blowing from the NNW I think that means it's blowing away from you.

It's already cleared quite a lot, thank goodness.

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