Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I'm waiting impatiently for some new Cathe Friedrich DVDs to arrive this week. The mail service here is execrable (I've always wanted to use that word) and I may just take to sending the postman death threats if it doesn't arrive soon.


The Middle Child got a part time job. And a girlfriend. Gah!


Training continues to kick my butt - although last week I had a recovery week, which was lovely. Somehow I think this week is going to make up for it.... Outdoor Boot Camp tomorrow. Fun! :)


No progress on the house front yet. There's some stupid red tape with the building permit, with the relevant authority being apparently incapable of providing a diagram of the sewer location on our block. Meanwhile, we're paying rent and interest rates are going up.....

We also had to choose new bricks, since the manufacturer unhelpfully discontinued the old ones. *sigh* Do they not understand that I almost had a nervous breakdown over choosing all the right colours? And now they expect me to do it AGAIN? Seriously?


My OOS is giving me HELL the past few days. Which is one reason why I've not been blogging. Apart from having been busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.

I'm off to rummage in the freezer for the ice pack.


Sara said...

Ooo! Which Cathe workouts did you order???? How exciting! :)

Kek said...

Umm.... *thinks* my brain isn't functioning too well (haven't finished my first coffee of the day yet) ...I'd have to go check and I really have to get to work. I'll let you know when they arrive. :)

The new ones with the paper plate slidey moves look scary!

Unknown said...

I have Outdoor Bootcamp today (weather permitting).


Chris H said...

don't kill the mailman, it ain't his fault.
Boys and girlfriends, get used to it!
Bummer about the bricks, hope you can find new ones as nice.

SeLiNa said...

Ohh, I love my Cathe F DVD I got from Liz too!!
Wow, your middle child has had very busy first week back at school... ;)

Debstar said...

Sorry to hear about the OOS. Isn't it about time you got rid of that?

Good thing Middle Child got a job, girlfriends are mighty expensive.

Teeny Tiny had a boyfriend over the school hols but soon he is going to Darwin to live so they broke up last week. My heartless child does not seem in the least bit concerned.

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