Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So there!

Office admin girl (clapping her hands annoyingly): Everyone! Everyone, the boss has called a meeting, he wants you all over here, NOW.

Me (looking longingly at my half-eaten lunch): Uh. Can I finish my chicken first?

OAG: Well, it's important.

Me: So's my lunch.

OAG: What's the big deal? You'll be eating again in a few minutes anyway. You're always eating. *flounces off*

Me (muttering): That's so I'll have the muscles and the energy to kick your butt if you ever get between me and my food.


Kathryn said...

Yeah like what the boss has to say can't wait until after lunch ... well unless it's a bomb scare or something then you'd prolly miss lunch for it (but the boss most likely would be gone himself).

Btw this is why you should never eat at your desk (or in the office) - they know where to find you!

Raechelle said...

bummer-I'm so glad I don't work in an office...I say kick her butt now! (can we get some viedo of that?)

Em said...

Fantastic attitude hun :)

Kek said...

Actually, turns out it WAS important and not work-related at all. It was a presentation of a baby gift - aww. I ate my chicken, don't worry! :)

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