Thursday, February 21, 2008

A summary of my day

The kids had curriculum day, my mother has pneumonia and needed to be chauffered to various places, I had a client to train, piles of work to do, the washing is threatening to take over the laundry, there were phone calls that needed to be made, business to be done at the post office, my training to do and meals to be managed.

The washing's still waiting, the work is waaaaay behind, the kids got sausage rolls and chips for dinner, but amazingly, everything else got done. Training was top-notch, food was on track. And I spent an hour this afternoon having a luxurious facial.

I'd give that effort an A-minus.


Magda said...

Which is a damned good effort considering the circumstances. Well done!!



Debstar said...

What to do -

Good decision.

Em said...

Sounds like one action packed day hun!
I wish I could be like you hun :)
Have a great weekend hun :)

Unknown said...

Good to see you got your priorities right!! The washing will always need to be done!!

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