Friday, February 08, 2008


Me: Bloody bus drivers! I was crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing today and this bus tried to drive straight through without giving way. So I stepped out anyway, glared straight at the driver and kept walking. He jammed on the brakes and stopped.

The Baby: Lucky you didn't get run over.

Me: Nah, don't worry mate, I can run faster than a bus.

The Baby: Mum, you could lift a bus!


Sara said...

Aw, too precious! Of course mum can lift a bus! Geez, that's just part of her everyday activities!

Congrats on the looking younger than your years thing. I was asked for I.D. when buying wine just two days ago. Even the supervisor agreed that I looked under 25. :O) I didn't even complain about having to go to the car to fetch my license.

Unknown said...

Ahhhhh, The Baby is wise ;-)

SeLiNa said...

Geez ya just gotta love little A!!!

LizN said...

Young, strong and good looking - I love it when our ages get under guessed :) Woohoo :) Hope you enjoyed your leg workout!


Chris H said...

Dat's very funny mate, and exactly something I would do.. just cos they are big does not mean they own the roads. Baby is a clever boy!

Raechelle said...


Debstar said...

I would have thought you could stop a bus in its tracks with a kick from your powerful legs.

He he I'd like to see that.

Kek said...

I crossed the same pedestrian crossing today and was HOPING for an aggro bus driver. I thought I might try stopping it with my bare hands, but legs would definitely have more strength - thanks for the tip, Deb.


Anonymous said...

Very wise and clever son :-)

Em said...

Adorable :)
Very cute, I hope mummy doesn't break a nail when lifting the bus :)

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