Saturday, February 16, 2008

Woohoo and Boohoo

On the WOOHOO!! front:

Our building permit FINALLY came through! No thanks to Yarra Valley Water for holding things up, because, uh....apparently, they didn't know where they put THEIR OWN DAMN SEWER on our property! (Here's a clue - it will be in the 2-metre easement along the back fence. Morons.) Or perhaps it was that nobody in the whole organisation could find the right button to push on their computers to pull up the diagram and email it to the building surveyor dude, anyway. How incompetent can you get? So, thanks a lot for making us wait 74 days (but who's counting) and delaying the start of construction. Sheesh.

Anyways, this all means that our house will finally be starting real soon. Maybe even next week. I'm not holding my breath waiting though....


On the Boohoo front:

I heard on the news yesterday at lunchtime that Mackay has been declared a disaster zone. My first thought was OMG...I hope Selina's safe. So I tried and tried to call her for about the next 4 hours, but no joy. Apparently the phone lines are out anyway, which in no way made me feel OK.

Finally, I sent her a text - which she probably won't get for days - and then dropped in on her blog to leave a message. That's when I remembered that (D'oh!) she's in Brisbane at the moment anyway.


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Em said...

Hi Darl :)
Great news about your house thats great I hope that the builder work fast for you :)

OMG about Mackey lucky about your friends though :)

Have a great weekend :)

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