Monday, March 17, 2008

Better hide all the sharp objects

My self-inflicted injury list continues.

Friday, I was making lunches for the weekend. I was chopping, mixing and cooking away when I realized that Hey, my left palm is throbbing. So I look down and there’s this big UGLY vein sticking out and it looks really weird…. I’ve somehow managed to rupture it and now I have a nice big bruise developing. The weird thing is, I don’t remember actually doing anything to cause it. I suspect I jammed a lid back on something, giving it a good smack with my palm. Yeah, that’s a great technique….

I sat gripping an ice pack for a while, which helped a little, but by the time Phat Camp started I had a big, black and painful bruise. That made pushups, bear crawls and the like extra-fun. I had to actually wimp out on spider crawls Friday night, when it started to throb again.

Then at Phat Camp, I managed to smack my head into a switchboard on the wall whilst getting something out of my bag, not once, but TWICE. Oh, and I head-butted a mirror – don’t even ask me how I did that. What can I say? It’s a talent.


Unknown said...

Good gawd woman! Headbutting a mirror? That IS talent!

Debstar said...

Yep I've headbutted a mirror too. It's highly embarrassing.

Raechelle said...

I'm thinking that you should take your own advice and get out the bubble wrap!
Be careful dear!

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