Saturday, March 08, 2008

Boring house-building photo

(Not because it's at all interesting, but because a couple of people requested it.....) This is the result of two weeks' work on our new house:

Ta-dah! One very large, very 'green' concrete slab. And I'm pleased to note that ours is much bigger than the one next door. :o)

Moving right along.....


Sara said...

Woohoo, you are the proud owner of a concrete slab! I think that, from experience, it all moves pretty quickly after that point.
Will you have a workout room?

Kathryn said...

When we were kids we got roller skates for xmas but because we lived in the country we had nowhere to skate - until Dad put down concrete to build on an extention. Seeing your photo, my first thought was ROLLER SKATING!!! lol

Raechelle said...

Ooooohhh house building-fun and stressful-hopefully more fun!

Chris H said...


Kek said...

Workout room Sara? Duh! Of course!
I shall have a well set-up studio at the back of the house. Can't wait.... might be able to kiss the skanky gym goodbye. Not that I want to kiss ANYTHING in that place. Yuk.

Kathryn - roller skating is something I never mastered and I don't fancy a broken leg. Definitely no wheels for this gal.

sparklingmerlot said...

I love house photos!! Keep 'em coming. Also is the slab green in colour or green as in environmentally aware? And if the latter, how so? And if the former, why?!!

The work out room sounds great. We are currently using middle child's bedroom (he moved out).

Looking forward to the frame photos!

Kek said...

LOL - it's 'green' as in the concrete isn't set yet (or as they say in the industry, it hasn't 'gone off').

Of course, it prolly IS just about set by now, after the warm weather yesterday. Might go walk on it today - no roller skating though!

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