Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The burning question

When cooking porridge, there is apparently only a nano-second between:

Nope, too runny.....still too runny.....not cooked yet....gah! I'm STARVING,and it's still too sloppy..... and

Oh, CRAP! Stuck to the bottom of the pot!

How come I always miss it?


MTB Girl said...

There's always the alternative in the microwave - you turn your back for just a second and it boils over everywhere! I am never looking just at the right moment to stop the mess.

Unknown said...


I guess I'm rather fortunate that I have managed to master cooking porridge in the microwave?

Magda said...

I miss it too Kek. So I soak my pot and then tip the water onto my outdoor plants and think "good thing the porridge stuck as the plants are getting an extra watering" LOL Glass half full etc etc.



Unknown said...

It's just like whipping the cream....oops.... that must have been in the bad old days!

Jadey said...

I love microwave cooking

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