Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Bunny, Schmeaster Bunny!

Can one say "Bah! Humbug!" to Easter?

I mean, first of all, Good Friday has to be the most BORING day of the entire year (unless you were attending the Sydney Phat Camp, in which case I'm sure it was awesome). Nothing is open. Nothing is on TV - nothing I'd watch, anyway. The kids are home and THEY DO NOT HAVE CHOCOLATE YET to sedate them into a sugar coma and stop them fighting with each other.

Then along comes the bloody Easter Bunny, who holds you hostage and force-feeds you Lindor balls. And wine.

There really should be a law.


Louise Wedgwood said...

And don't forget the hot cross buns! With lashings of BUTTER. (Yum) Every work morning tea and every friend you visit seems to offer them!

Anonymous said...

Agreed it is a horribly boring day, although Lindt probably would go a little way towards making it a little easier hehe

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