Sunday, March 30, 2008

Egg white-o-rama

Sam W asked about ways to use egg whites. 1 cup of egg whites per day. I assume she means apart from pavlova.....

You can substitute egg whites just about anywhere you'd use eggs. Except for custards. And some baking recipes. And mayonnaise. And lemon butter. OK, so not anywhere exactly. LOL.

A few things I do with them:

Scrambled egg whites. Yes, they're a bit tasteless on their own. So I normally add one yolk. If that's a no-no for some reason, I suggest you throw in veggies. LOTS of veggies. Try sliced mushrooms, baby spinach, diced tomato, some capsicum, maybe onion. I used to make them just with spinach and fresh basil and lots of pepper. And garlic makes everything taste better. :p

Frittata. Use your favourite recipe - just swap the whole eggs for whites and use a few extra. I have a recipe, I thought I'd posted it on my food blog, but apparently not. Must remedy that. Anyway, egg whites, cottage cheese, lots of veggies, some cooked sliced potato or pumpkin, layer it all and bake. I add parmesan cheese for extra yum.

Pancakes. There are millions of variations on this one - the most basic would be egg whites and oats. You can serve those with veggies (yes, again with the veggies! They're good for you, OK?), or with fruit and sugar free syrup. Of course, you can add to the basic mix - whey protein, cottage cheese, fruit, your favourite kind of flour ...or just about anything you can think of.

Omelettes. Same as for the scrambled eggs - just chuck the veggies in before you fold the omelette over.

If you're too tired/lazy/brain-dead to be at all creative, you can always chuck some in a non-stick pan, make a kind of crepe thing, then sprinkle Splenda on top, squeeze some lemon juice over it, fold or roll up and eat. Easy!

Then of course, there's the ice cream.... Speaking of which, I'd better go check if those things have defrosted yet....

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Raechelle said...

I like to scramble them up and throw on some salsa-easy and quick.

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