Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fun with the scales....and stuff

It amazes me when people wail that they've gained a massive amount of weight in one week and claim that they "just can't understand it". Me, I almost always know whether to expect an upward or downward swing - often I can even make a good guess at the exact amount.

Take last week for instance. Tuesday to Thursday I stuck exactly to my plan, and over those 3 days I dropped 600g. Mmm. Very satisfying. Then Friday I decided that it would be a great idea to have a Tim Tam Cornetto as a treat. At 240 calories, give or take, that's not an over the top indulgence. But after that, some choccies seemed like a good idea. Plus a couple of pieces of the kids' garlic bread. And (home-made) pizza for dinner.

Saturday, I was back to normal eating. Sunday? Uh....let's just say that a catered party involving finger food is not conducive to healthy eating. Everything was processed, high-carb, high-fat and laden with salt. And a couple of champagnes went down nicely with it all.

So when I stepped onto the scales for my Monday weigh-in, I knew there would be a big upswing. That 600g I lost? Well, it found me again, and it brought friends to visit - another 1.3kg worth of friends. I gained 1.9kg in total, in only 4 days. Wow. Someone call the Guinness Book of Records.

Not so long ago, I would have thrown a tantrum, kicked the scales across the room, thought "what's the point?" and gone and made myself a pile of toast with butter and Vegemite to keep me company while I sulked. Instead, I did my workout, made my usual porridge with vanilla whey, and just got on with my day (although I did mutter "Let us not speak of it" when Bike Boy asked how I went with my weigh in). I made sure that nutrition was spot-on, and added some green tea and asparagus for good measure.

This morning, just out of interest, I stepped on the scales again. After a single day of eating well, with lots of veggies and plenty of water, I've already ditched 1.1kg. By next Monday, as long as I don't lose my mind and fall face-first into a plate full of chocolate muffins, I expect to be tracking nicely again.

No surprises (or wailing) here, that's for sure.


Training got a bit off-track over the weekend too. My stupid back/left hip decided to play some nasty tricks on me and had me hobbling and complaining, and more than a bit grumpy. I thought about doing my planned training on Saturday - running? I don't think so. Pushups? God, no! Renegade rows? BAD idea. So I skipped it.

Things are almost normal again now and I'm back into it. And judging from my program this week, I think Liz is making me pay for the weekend's sins.....


The house finally started last week. Not that there's much to see yet, just some pipes sticking out of the ground, the vague outline of the building and a layer of gravel. I'm told that we'll have a slab down by the end of the week though.

I have photos, but they're completely boring, so I won't be posting them. Maybe when there's actually something worth looking at.


Kathryn said...

My scales have been going nuts lately ... damn things. Alcohol esp does wacky stuff to my weight.

sparklingmerlot said...

Thank you for the realistic approach to those demon scales.

I am a bit wobbly with my regime at the moment (actually very wobbly) due to excruciating plantar fasciitis.

I have lost just over 15 kilos and am about where you were with your before photos and look at your after photos for daily inspiration.

Sadly we live on opposite sides of Melbourne or you would have me as a client.

But what I really wanted to say was PLEASE post photos of the new house. We are also building and have built in the past and it is so good to be able to look back on where we started when things seem to be slowing right down. A bit like weight training and weight loss!!! And I find the whole building process fascinating.

Pip said...

Yep, the scales can be weird things. There can be for me up to 2.5kg difference from morning to night sometimes but I've ditched looking at night readings EVER!

My worst experience with the scales was when I went off track for 9 days last year, (before facing reality) and stuck to elastic waistbands etc. I gained 8.8kg in 9 days last year, (expected the number to be around 3 or 4). Not good as I had worked my arse off the prior 9 weeks to lose 7.5! I sulked and didn't do anything for another couple of months to improve the situation, meanwhile the 8.8 prob more than doubled before taking charge.

So, self control, - can't lose sight it if LOL! It stacks on faster each time I yoyo so no more! And of that 19.8kg I gained in total I've lost 19.1 LOL!

Debstar said...

If only we could lose weight with the same happy abandon that it took to put it on.

Its funny when you look at a bare slab and wonder how you could possibly fit all those rooms and all your furniture in such a small area.
Its magic.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I'm like you i can't understand it when people binge on sugar all week and then report that they don't understand weight gain.

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