Sunday, March 30, 2008


I just made the BEST second breakfast.... huevos rancheros, a super-tasty recipe from Rick Stein, out of this month's Delicious.

If you like Mexican food, eggs, and brunches that don't take forever to cook, you'll love this one.

We used to eat out at Mexican restaurants a lot, and being a huge fan of any dish with fried eggs on top, Bike Boy could never resist huevos rancheros. So when I spotted jalapenos at the supermarket this morning, how could I NOT make it? It must have been fate, right?

Unfortunately, I'd just got back from the gym when I cooked it, and was far too hungry to faff around taking photos, so I'll have to share it at some future time. Take my word for it, it was NUMMY.


The gooey chocolate pudding on the front cover of the mag, with the scoop of home-made alcoholic choc-mint ice cream next to it, had nothing to do with my decision to buy it.

No, really.


Kathryn said...

Huevos racheros are something I've always intended making and never have. Much give it a try.

Btw of course the egg whites are in the dessert section - for making pavs :D

Raechelle said...

Ahhhh, huevos all time fave...after living in Mexico for 2 years-we definitley have fond memories and make our own version of these often!
Yay on the eggwhites! Perseverance pays off!

Shazam said...

I just bought this issue of Delicious today! The gooey chocolate cake and ice cream had nothing to do with me buying it either ;)

Sam W said...

Sounds incredibly yummy....on the egg white thing do you have ANY recipes for egg whites? I have searched and seached for recipes with the main ingredient being egg whites, but to no avail.....When I get back my trip away I will be head down a##e up with training and eating clean, but the plan says 1 cup of egg whites per day......any ideas? Egg whites o their own are reasonably tasteless, or am I being fussy...?

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