Monday, March 17, 2008

More on Phat Camp

At previous camps, we were split into 3 groups, but just randomly. This year, we were asked to assess our own abilities and sort ourselves into beginner, intermediate and advanced.

I looked at the girls decisively putting themselves in the advanced group (just to give you an idea, Melita Jagic was amongst these fit and strong chicks) and thought Holy Shit! I'm out of my depth here - I'll never keep up with them! Then I looked around at the rest of the campers, who included a couple of clients, and several people who 'know' me via the good old internet. Hell, I couldn’t look like a wimp, could I? So I took a deep breath (I may even have prayed a little) and stepped over to the advanced side of the room.

Turns out I picked right. Of course, I may just have overdone things on our back & biceps workout. We started with supersets of bent over DB rows, and bicep curls with supination (oh yeah, and then a set of burpees – but at least that gave the arms a rest!).

Since there were so many of us, finding DBs the right weight was tricky. So I used the same weight for both exercises. (I reeeely smart!) I was struggling pathetically on biceps, even on the first set, but being completely pig-headed, I refused to admit defeat and soldiered on. I got my 10 reps out for all 3 sets, pulling some ugly faces and making some very unladylike noises…..and I have the crippled brachialis and brachoradialis* to prove it.

*Result – I can’t bend or straighten my arms.


Kathryn said...

Good thing you went in the advanced group or I'd have been splashing it around the internet with tabloid style headlines :D

Kek said...

Yeah, THAT was exactly what motivated me! :o)

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