Monday, March 17, 2008

Phat Camp highlights

God, I wish I'd got a spray tan.....
I LOVE this woman.... seriously, I always want to put her in my pocket and take her home. Lookit those shoulders! 2 weeks post-Arnold and she is smokin' HOT.

Hands up who can do this - from a standing position?

The lovely Lishia Dean, one of the Phat Camp staff (and she has the cutest southern accent!):

A bit of Phat Camp action:

I always come away from Phat Camp on a real high, newly inspired and motivated to achieve my best. Jen is a big advocate of working on your inner strength and beauty, not just training to have a hot body - and she freely shares her own life and experiences, warts and all. It's always something of an emotional weekend.... plus of course I'm completely trashed physically. :o) Love it!

Today I'm in so much pain I can't even begin to describe it. I thought it was bad when I woke up his morning. Then I realised that we'd only trained legs yesterday if my body runs to its usual pattern, I'm going to be completely paralysed by about dinner time tonight.

I have lots more to say - but later......


MTB Girl said...

What a great weekend!

Hehehe - how are your legs now? I went for a good walk this morning and I'm not too bad :) Relatively speaking, of course :P

My abs, shoulders and back are really sore though. Alistair thought it was easier to ask me what didn't hurt...we worked out it was just my toes, elbows and ankles. Even my head hurts from banging it on that box on the wall above our bags.

I should have gone in the intermediates, but they were looking for more for the beginner's group, so I went there :P I was scared!

Once again thanks for the help with the water, the food and of course your wonderful company!

I'm still floored by how much water I drank over the 2.5 days.

Chris H said...

why do they call it Phat Camp??? I don't see any fat chicks there! Lucky I wasn't there eh?

Kek said...

Chris, phat has nothing at all to do with fat (go look it up at And there were women of all sizes there - from ultra-fit and totally ripped, all the way through to obese - and everything in between.

Amanda, it sure was fun - as for the water consumption, I lost count on Saturday after about 8 litres. I think my hands don't hurt.... oh wait - there's that self-inflicted bruise on my palm, and a grazed knuckle where someone trod on it doing swimmer pushups or whatever they were called.

Sue said...

And I thought you were short? No wonder you want to put her in your pocket :)

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