Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Recipe alert!

It's cool today, and pouring rain, so time for something warm and tasty for dinner. Hmm, how about some veggie "fritters"?


By the way, my silicone muffin pans and loaf pan are possibly the best kitchen 'things' I've ever bought. If you bake AT ALL, you really should get some.

And look! These come in pretty colours and novelty shapes!


ss2306 said...

Hi Kerryn

I've just emailed you a recipe for Protein Ice Cream using frozen egg whites and Ladybird Cookies n Cream Protein Powder. I made it today and it is simply devine! Hope you get a chance to enjoy it soon.


Unknown said...

I love my silicon baking trays. They are so easy to bake with.

Protein Ice Cream?! You'll have to post that one.

Kek said...

Don't worry - soon as I can get hold of some frozen egg whites, I'm making that ice cream!!

If it's as good as Shelley says, I'll post pics and details.

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