Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I trained legs at the gym on Sunday, and I was starting with squats. Bike Boy was doing deadlifts (and some other torture devised by Alwyn). Luckily both squat racks were free, so we grabbed one each. Of course, whoever used the equipment before me had left the bar loaded with 20kg plates. *sigh* Sure, I can squat 40kg, but I'm not about to try that for my warm-up set.

So I start to unload the plate from one side of the bar, going carefully to make sure the thing wasn't going to tilt and slide off the other side of the rack. Then this guy comes rushing over, all Do you need some help with that? (He might as well have added "...little lady"). I smiled and said No thanks, I'm fine. And he grabbed the plate from the other side and racked it for me anyway. I could see Bike Boy smirking from behind his barbell.

Honestly - do I LOOK like I need help to lift 20kg?


Chris H said...

You can be insulted cos he thought you were too puny to do it yourself, or you can be flattered he wanted to help you... nice guy really! Of course you could do 20 kgs! Tis a lightweight really.

Raechelle said...

LOL-what a twit!

Kathryn said...

Of course you shouldn't be lifting 20 kgs. You're a chick, you might break your uterus or something!

Pip said...

You're a delicate piece of muscle and the poor 'nice guy' wouldn't possibly like you to have to um, - work hard other than when you are training in full, (then he wouldn't disturb!)

I think he would find any excuse to hold a door open for you or ask if he could carry your shopping for you. I think any fit guy WOULD find you attractive so if you are not right into your intense training they'd like to find an excuse to talk to you or help!

SeLiNa said...

Wow, look at you!!!
I like your arms and shoulders :)
Can I please have some too??

Debstar said...

Maybe it was that guy who left the weights on in the first place and he was feeling guilty about it.
Actually I wish more guys would do that for me, it would save alot of time moving weights.

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