Sunday, March 30, 2008

Special travel bonus

Yes, I've been very prolific this weekend... just one more thing:

Daylight saving. I adore daylight saving. If it had a fan club, I'd be the president. But seriously, it has a use-by date and in this part of the world, that is definitely now. So WHY are we extending it for another week?

For the last month or so, I've been getting up in the pitch dark, and I really don't enjoy that. I was looking forward to training in daylight again from this week (yes, I know that only lasts a few weeks, but I'll take it) and was disappointed to discover that I have to wait another week.

So I was griping and moaning about it just now, until Bike Boy pointed out that since we'll be in Tassie when the clocks go back next Saturday night, that means we get an extra hour in our weekend away. That's just about worth another week of miserable dark mornings.



Flea said...

Oh no Kek you are on your own on this one, we Westerners hates it. Ours ended today, yeah!!

MTB Girl said...

I totally agree! Needing lights for every morning ride is getting a bit old.

Have a great holiday!

SeLiNa said...

Eww, I HATE daylight saving. So I'm very lucky we don't have it up here!
Egg whites - cannot be found anywhere here!! We used to have those ones you pictured, and the Ready Whites - the 3 sachets in the green box, but they all disappeared about a year ago. I must have been the only one that used them.
I got your parcel today!! Thank you :) It made me feel a bit betterer.

Anonymous said...

I hate that we dont have daylight savings in Qld. We are soooooo behind!!!

Kek said...

*stands back and watches the Queenslanders fight about daylight saving*

Selina, sweetie, it only works south of the tropic of Capricorn (or north of the other one.... whatsit - Cancer). Get too close to the equator and there's bugger-all difference between daylight hours in summer and winter, so no point, really.

What YOU thought was daylight saving when you visited here in January was mostly just non-tropical long twilight.... :o)

Little geography lesson there....

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