Sunday, March 30, 2008


Ta for the input on the egg white situation guys ...the big news is: I FOUND THEM!!

We have 5 Safeway, 6 Coles and a couple of IGA supermarkets within a 7km radius (and another Safeway and an Aldi about to open any day), so it's not like we live in the sticks. Yet I have never, EVER been able to locate these things.

But this morning, on my way back from the gym, I stopped at the newsagent to grab the new Oxygen and since I needed a few essentials (spinach, frozen berries, spinach, jalapenos, spinach, fresh basil... hmm, maybe I need spinach?), I nipped into Safeway. I thought I'd give it one last try....I've shopped at that particular Safeway on and off for 20+ years and have never seen them, but who knows? Perhaps miracles happen.

So there was I, pacing up and down the frozen food aisles. Nup, not with the pastry. Not with the frozen meals. Not with the veggies. Gah! On my 3rd pass along the dessert section, the blue carton suddenly jumped out at me. They've put them in amongst the frozen Sara Lee cheesecakes and apple pies. As you would. *rolls eyes*

I have one defrosting in the fridge now and a spare in the freezer. Ice cream will be forthcoming....


Anonymous said...

YAY for successful egg white hunting, I'm looking forward to hearing all about this recipe. Ice cream is one of my biggest weaknesses.

Now the important question is, Did you remember the spinach in the excitement of finding the egg white container?

Sue said...

Kerryn can you please put a photo of the egg white box on your blog so I know wht I;m looking for please?

Kek said...

There's a pic on the manufacturer's website, Sue:

Cat, would I forget the spinach? LOL.

BeepBeep said...

So much for my detective work!

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