Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tales from Phat Camp continued....

Phat Camp workouts are HARD. And I mean OMG, look at that - my arms just fell off kind of hard. And there are lots of them. Over the two-and-a-bit days, we did the following:

Cardio bootcamp
Back & biceps
Chest & triceps
Outdoor cardio (lots of sprints in this one)
Competition posing practice - if you don't think that counts as a workout, you've never tried it!
Cardio intervals on machines (interspersed with sets of mountain climbers and crunches - fun!)

Jenny always saves legs for last, because she reckons nobody would come back afterwards if she scheduled it earlier in the weekend. She may be right....

Here's the thing though - I love, love, LOVE training legs. Which apparently makes me a bit of a freak, because most people I speak to go "Legs - ugh! I hate training legs!" Nuh-uh, not me. There's nothing quite like a gym session that turns your legs to jelly - and that feeling of "Uh-oh....how am I ever going to work the clutch to drive home?" just makes me feel satisfied. Yeah, Baby!

The great thing about having been to Phat Camp twice before is that I had no illusions about how hard that legs session was going to be. We began with step-ups, using the podium at the front of the room as our step. Now, this podium was HIGH - well above my knees. So the tall girls had a bit of an advantage, but being a shortie, I just saw it as an extra challenge. :o) From there, we did a superset of walking lunges all the way around the outside of the room. Yow! That one we repeated 4 times....it was really encouraging to have Jen yelling "Come on Ladies, this is just the warm-up!" Yikes!

I was enjoying it so much, I started dancing while waiting in line to do my next set of step-ups. Seems nobody wanted to join me...... Hey - you have to have some fun with training!

Then we switched to deep squats, followed by diagonal walking lunges - I think we did 3 sets of those. Then there was all kinds of crazy stuff - pop squats, duck walks, weird-arse sideways walking lunge thingies and more, across and back, across and back, endlessly..... THEN when everyone was really fatigued, we had to do a set of pump lunges across the room. I got to the other side and thought Pfft! Those were positively EASY! I laughed out loud and almost yelled Is that all you got?! Seriously - it was on the tip of my tongue. Luckily I thought better of it and just shut my mouth. I'm sure there would have been retribution, and I don't think anyone would have thanked me.....

There was a lot more, but I think my mind has blocked it out. :p

Yesterday my legs were seriously sore. Today they're improving (meaning I only groan a little bit when I stand up or sit down). My arms though - those are a whole other thing. I'm STILL paying for my stupidly heroic effort on Saturday morning with the twisty bicep curls and wide hammer curls.

I'm thinking that I may be able to use my arms again normally by about...oh.... Friday.


Anonymous said...

I loved reading all about phat camp, it sounds like a wonderful training experience.

Kek said...

Hey Cat, maybe next time you'll be fit and able to join us. :o)

Raechelle said...

How fun! But yep...have to admit-I'm not fond of leg day....I'm more of a chest gal-I LOVE doing max bench b\press any-day!
But still-sounds like a great weekend!

Em said...

That sounds fantastic, I have always wanted to go to phat camp but I feel I am too over weight and unfit that I think I would pass out after the first few minutes LOL
Hope recovery is going well hun:)

SeLiNa said...

Oops, I didn't realise I was signed in with a different account on that last comment I left.
That's a work in progress that's not quite ready yet!! LOL!

Ronnie said...

Oh I am so jealous. about 13 years ago when I was a regular gym junkie I trained legs every day. I loved it. And I still love to have sore legs after exercise. Makes me feel GOOOOD....

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