Thursday, March 06, 2008

Told you so!

Just a quick update on the funky fluid fluctuations of last weekend: this morning my weight is exactly the same as last Thursday.....the 1.9kg gained in 4 days has disappeared in only 3.

I knew eating all that asparagus and drinking a small reservoir's worth of water would help. :o) Beats eating diet food and going hungry, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

Well done that is fantastic.

deece said...

hi! sorry for the ignorance... but i was wondering - why the asparagus?

i looooove asparagus and used to eat it raw for afternoon snacks (the really good farmer's market organic kind - yum!) but i swear i started sweating sulfur out of my pores! (i hear only some people suffer the sulfur side effects).

so i'm wondering what the extra health benefits of asparagus are, that you speak of - because i need more motivation to eat it these days!

ss2306 said...

Finally, I've created a blog account. No blog yet though. Must have been something in the air last week - damn those red frogs but scales catching up nicely also.

Have a great weekend

Kek said...

Hi Deece...asparagus, like a lot of other veggies, has a diuretic effect. So it's helpful in getting rid of pesky excess fluid.

Plain old healthy eating and plenty of water will do the job, but it doesn't hurt give it a little extra help. Especially when you love asparagus. :p

Shelley, you lock up the red frogs, and I'll do the same with the chocolate.

Raechelle said...

It's great when we know what needs to be done, and we do it, and it works! Well done!

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